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Enrollment Documents

**Our new 2019-2020 Enrollment Forms will be posted March 15th, 2019.**
2018-2019 New Enrollment Forms are here!
How to Enroll 2018-2019  Forms for brand NEW students to South Pointe (see below)
Forms can be completed online and printed. Please bring completed forms to the office on your scheduled appointed time to enroll your student. To schedule an appointment call (909) 595-8171.  Please come with all items listed and required documents, (originals, we will make copies)
6th grade students NEW to the district.

You will need the following documents to enroll your child:
1.  If student is living with parent(s)
  a.  Either a close of escrow paper, current monthly mortgage statement, current year's property tax statement, current rental/lease agreement, or current month rental receipt, and
  b.  A current utility bill or utility turn-on receipt (gas, water or electric), and
  c.  A DMV form (driver's license or California I.D.) with current address, and
  d.  A form of student identification (with name, date of birth, photo, etc.)
2.  If student is living with a guardian
  a.  Same residency proof as for parents in #1 above plus proof of legal guardianship.  Note that legal gaurdianships can only be obtained through a Court of Law.
  b.  If student is living with a relative, and legal guardianship has not been obtained,  a "Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit" form must be completed.  Proof of the existence of a short term family hardship requiring the student to live with the relative may be necessary.
3.  If student's family moves into the home of another family
  a.  Declaration of Residency document (Part I and Part II) are required.  The family with proof of residence must meet the requirements of #1 above.  If a family has a child already enrolled in the Walnut Valley Unified School District, a current utility bill is required as proof of continued residency.
4. New Students Required Documents
  a. Current Immunizations/vaccines
  b. School Transcript
  c. Birth Certificate
Enrollment Requirements:  


***  Must Read Principal Letter and Important Dates ( See Below)

         For other language forms, please click here

  1. Walnut Valley Unified School District Discipline 
  2. Walnut Valley Unified School Enrollment Record
  3. Home Language Survey
  4. Parent Portal Grades
  5. Student Residency Questionnaire
  6. Signature and Acknowledgement & Accountability (updated 7/2018)
  7. Student Drop Off Letter
  8. Student Health Assessment
  9. Lunch Time Rules - sign on registration date
  10. School Agenda
  11. South Pointe's Electronic Device Responsibility Policy
  12. TDAP (7th Grade Only)
  13. Drop off/Pick Up Map
  14. Media Letter (Photo)
  15. School Dress Code 
  16. *Emergency Card and Disaster Card must be completed at South Pointe Office
Panther Camp Registration - 2 day camp, Monday, July 30,  8:30 am - 12:00 pm and Tuesday, July 31, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
6th Grade - All 6th graders welcome
7th and 8th GradeNEW STUDENTS ONLY