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Mrs. Lambert's Home Page

Greetings! Welcome to 7th grade at South Pointe Middle School! I am excited to be your Language Arts teacher. It is going to be a challenging and successful year!

For current assignments, projects, and classroom happenings please visit our Google Classroom page. Also, follow my classroom Instagram to see what's new in our classroom!  To the right, please find links and pages that I think are helpful and important for you to have. My contact information is below for your convenience.

Let's make it a great year!

Mrs. Lambert
(909)595-8171 x57155
Instagram: @LAwithMrsLambert

"The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude."
- William James

Recent Posts

  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Part three must be in paragraph form.
  • Think about the 5 W’s. Who What When Where Why
  • Think about your audience (middle schoolers), help them understand by giving clear explanations, appropriate vocabulary, and comparisons to things they have life experience with.
  • When you think you are done, REREAD AND EDIT and make sure explained these things:
    -What’s going on in this picture?
    -What do you see that makes you say that?
    -What more can you find?

Burpees and the Art of Pool Maintenance

Periods A & D:
Watch this video and listen carefully to the structure of the evidence and explanation of his argument. Then, turn this in to a paragraph. Due Tuesday 10/25.

"Eleven" Questions 2nd Draft Help

Need help making the perfect short answer response? Don't forget these three things: 
-Restate your question and answer it. 
-Provide Evidence (try using a sentence starter! "According to the text...."
-Explain what the evidence proves. 
Example shown in class:

1.Rachel says that “when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine,” and so on. What does she mean?

When Rachel says this quote, she means that every year that you get older you are actually building upon the ages that you have already grown from. An example from the text is in paragraph number 2 when Rachel says that even though you are older, you may still cry or sit on your mother’s lap the way that you did when you were three or five.  She is trying to convey that even though you are one age, you still carry with you things from when you were younger. 

8/16 Homework Information

For your paragraph that is due tomorrow 8/17/16
  • 2 Paragraphs- No more than 1 page (front only!)
  • 1= A time that you overcame a struggle.
  • 1= Something that you are not good at now, but want to work to get better at.