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Sports and Activities

Cross Country Schedule




9/19   @        Suzanne        Royal Oak, South Pointe

9/26   @        El Roble         Traweek, Sierra Vista, Suzanne

9/26   @        Royal Oak     South Pointe, Goddard, Sandburg, Ramona, Las Palmas

10/3   @        Royal Oak     El Roble, Traweek, Suzanne, Chaparral, Ramona

10/10 @       Royal Oak     El Roble, Sierra Vista, Chaparral, Las Palmas, South Pointe

10/10 @        Ramona        Goddard, Sandburg, Traweek, Suzanne

10/17 @       Suzanne        Goddard, Las Palmas, Sandburg, Ramona, Sierra Vista

10/24 @       Sandburg      Goddard, Chaparral

10/24 @        El Roble         Ramona, South Pointe

10/24 @        Traweek        All Covina Valley Invite (Las Palmas, Sierra Vista)

11/6   @        Royal Oak     LEAGUE FINALS @ 3:00



Meets start at 3:00 unless otherwise noted

Volleyball and Football Schedule

Wednesday 9/25       Wednesday 10/9       Wednsday 10/23    
South Pointe at Ramona   Goddard at Suzanne   South Pointe at El Roble
Sierra Vista at Goddard   Traweek at Sierra Vista   Ramona at Sierra Vista
El Roble at Lone Hill   South Pointe at Las Palmas   Traweek at Goddard
Traweek at Sandburg   El Roble at Ramona   Lone Hill at Las Palmas
Las Palmas at Chaparral   Lone Hill at Royal Oak   Sandburg at Suzanne
Suzanne at Royal Oak   Chaparral at Sandburg        
                Thursday 10/24    
Monday 9/30       Monday 10/14       Sandburg at Goddard
Traweek at Lone Hill   Las Palmas at Suzanne        
Suzanne at Chaparral   Lone Hill at South Pointe   Monday 10/28    
Ramona at Royal Oak   Royal Oak at Traweek   Suzanne at Traweek
Sierra Vista at South Pointe   Chaparral at El Roble   Ramona at Las Palmas
                Royal Oak at El Roble
Tuesday 10/1       Tuesday 10/15       Sierra Vista at Chaparral
El Roble at Goddard   Ramona at Goddard        
                Tuesday 10/29    
Wednesday 10/2       Wednesday 10/16       South Pointe at Sandburg
Sandburg at Ramona   El Roble at Sierra Vista   Goddard at Lone Hill
Lone Hill at Chaparral   Royal  Oak at Sandburg   Royal Oak at Chaparral
Goddard at Royal Oak   Suzanne at Lone Hill        
South Pointe at Suzanne   Traweek at South Pointe   Wednesday 10/30    
Sierra Vista at Las Palmas   Chaparral at Ramona   Ramona at Lone Hill
Traweek at El Roble   Goddard at Las Palmas   El Roble at Suzanne
                Chaparral at South Pointe
Thursday 10/3       Thursday 10/17       Sierra Vista at Royal Oak
Las Palmas at Sandburg   Sandburg at Sierra Vista   Las Palmas at Traweek
Monday 10/7       Monday 10/21        
Suzanne at Ramona   Suzanne at Sierra Vista        
Royal Oak at Las Palmas   Royal  Oak at South Pointe        
Chaparral at Traweek   Las Palmas at El Roble        
Lone Hill at Sierra Vista   Ramona at Traweek        
Tuesday 10/8       Tuesday 10/22            
Sandburg at El Roble   Sandburg at Lone Hill        
Goddard at South Pointe   Goddard at Chaparral