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Math Counts

Last Meeting: Friday, March 23, 2018
in Mr. Dresser's room D-112 @ 2:25 - 3:20pm 
Congratulations to the 2018 Mathcounts competition team:
4th Place in the San Gabriel Valley Chapter Competition
Isaac Hui: 13th Place   
Emma Fu: 18th place   
Renee Wen: 21st place 
Brandon Wong: 32nd place
&  Edward Kim: 39th place

ALWAYS: SHOW YOUR THINKING on all problems     

If you are having any problems with the PDF's, please let me know ASAP (D-112 or e-mail)   

SHOW / Explain your thinking when giving your answer (Don't just put the answer)   

ANSWERS (on 'Answers to Homework' page will be shown on Wednesday night for the homework due Friday: 

 Remember to SHOW your reasoning for credit on the homework (not just answers)