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An Act of Kindness

I am a resident of Sandy Hook for over 22 years and the mother of two alumni of Sandy Hook Elementary School. (They are now in college.)
I am also a volunteer with the Newtown Documentation Project. You can see a video about our project at
As you will see, we have been receiving thousands upon thousands of cards, letters and pieces of artwork and as volunteers we are documenting all of it! We want the world to see what the
world has been sending to us!
The letters from your students at South Pointe Middle School in Diamond Bar, CA were in the bin of mail that I was working on this week. By the time the mail gets to us working on the project, the envelope is no longer with the letter/card so we have no way to get in touch with the sender to say THANK YOU for thinking of us unless someone writes on a letter or card itself. As a volunteer working on this project, I have brought home a mail bin many nights (in which there are 300-800 letters and cards) and read each and every one. I try to reach out to as many people as I can when there is an address, phone number or email address on it so it was wonderful that the students wrote the name and address of your school on them. Please share with everyone who wrote the letters that they were received with as much love as they were sent with! Please tell them that we have received your love and caring and it is with those sentiments that we are and will continue to be SANDY HOOK STRONG!
Peace –Suzanne