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6th Grade Science Camp News


Friday, March 13

It's our last day at camp.  Yesterday was a blast with our final hike and an evening of skits and fun.  We will see you at 12 Noon!

Thursday, March 12

3:50 PM  The fun on the mountain continues with indoor activities.  Our students are worry-free, as they have no social media.  As a result, they are enjoying their learning in this beautiful outdoor arena.

Wednesday, March 11

3:30 PM  Going on a hike.  the weather is beautiful!

1:00 PM  Another exciting day at camp.  Today they had a visit from forest animals.  Check out the photos.  Next, they are off on another hike!

Tuesday, March 10

6:30 PM Everyone is having a great time. Just finishing dinner and then getting ready for their first night.  But first, it's time for an evening hike followed by line dancing at 7:30. It's been a day filled with learning and fun.   Check out our photos

10:37 AM All of our South Pointe Panthers made it to camp safely!


Dear 6th Grade Families,

It is 6th grade Science Camp Eve, and everyone is getting ready for a memorable learning experience.  We are lucky to have eight of our own South Pointe teachers as chaperones.  We hope you used the packing list to ensure your student is warm and ready.  Below please find some helpful information. 

Health: Please remember to drop off any prescribed medications at our medication table in the MPR.  We have checked with the camp and they have shared “there have been no issues on or around the mountain community.” The camp is staffed with a medic who will be conducting their normal health screening within the first 3 hours of arrival and contacting parents with any concerns. Safety precautions will be followed at camp and students will be reminded to wash their hands frequently.   All buses will be sanitized before students board.  

Buses:  Our charter bus drivers are certified for mountain driving in rain and snow.  The camp route varies with the weather and traffic.  These routes may include the 60, 15, to the 210 or 60, 57, to 210.  We really would appreciate your help with loading the luggage into the busses. 

Updates:  The teachers will notify the school when they safely arrive at camp.  Teachers will also provide ongoing updates. Our office will update the South Pointe website with news and photos.  Feel free to call the school if you have questions during the week.

6th Grade Science Camp is an experience your child will remember their whole life.  There is a full staff at camp waiting to share their love of science and the outdoors with them.  We know our students will be well taken care of.  



 Dr. Susan Arzola



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