South Pointe Middle School

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Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Following the directions for traffic, pulling all the way forward, not leaving your vehicle and asking that your students be ready to enter or exit the car all help expedite the procedure and make these times of the day operate much more smoothly.

Please pull all the way around the circle before stopping to unload or load students. This permits us to fit double the usual amount of cars into the front of the school and alleviates back up. Students may exit anywhere in the circle next to the sidewalk as long as it's safe.

Please do not ask students to wait in front of houses adjacent to South Pointe or in the entry to the residential community on Diamond Crest. This creates an unsafe situation for our students and places an undue burden on our neighbors. Likewise please refrain from parking in or blocking the driveways of private residences. Local residents have also requested that you not use their driveways for making U-turns. Thank you so much for your help in this matter. 

Let's work together to have a safe school year by making student safety our priority and model courtesy to our neighbors (both surrounding the school and in the cars driving along with us).