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All Math Classes (Period F)

Mr. Stephen Chen

Course Description

Hi Panthers!
We are shifting our classroom to Distance Learning. Please check my website to see the weekly videos, assignments, and assessments:
Weekly Homework Instructions

1. Click on your class on the menu bar on my website.
2. Watch all the videos for the week.
3. Sign into Big Ideas Math by logging on with Clever and entering your school's Google account information.
4. Complete and submit the homework located under "assignments."
5. All homework assignments will be assigned Sunday at 6:00 am and due Friday at 3:00 pm.

Zoom Meetings Class Expectations

1. Before class starts, make sure you have your graph notebook, textbook, calculator, headphones, pencil, and eraser ready.
2. Please watch the weekly videos and attempt to do the homework by yourself before attending the meetings. The meetings will be there to help you answer questions based off of the weekly lessons.
3. Download Zoom on your computer.
4. Zoom ID: 967-692-7320 | Password: 000459
5. Join the class on time. Once class begins, I may not see you in the waiting room to let you in.
6. Make sure your video, audio, and chat box works.
7. Please use your first and last name and have your webcam on. If I cannot recognize you, I will not let you enter the room or I will remove you from the class.
8. Do not share your screen unless instructed to do so.
9. Please have proper classroom etiquette and use respectful and kind words. We're all friends here :)
10. Please be on your best behavior and make me proud! We are all here to learn and we will get through this as a team.

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday Zoom Meetings
Math 6: 9:00-9:25 am
Adv. Math 6: 9:25-9:50 am
Adv. Math 7: 9:50-10:15 am

Friday Office Hours
10:20-12:20 am