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Language Arts 6 Periods A ,C, & F 2019-2020

Debbie Myers
Language Arts

Course Description

1) Who Am I?  Due FridayC

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Scholastic Book Club Orders due online September 26
Monday 9/16/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #2 words introduced today.
2) Vocabulary note cards. Due on Wednesday 9/18.  Write the word on one side of the note card and write the entire definition on the other side of the card.  
3) AR book and reading log check.  I am checking to see if you have an AR book with you.  Make sure that your AR book information is written in your reading log (title, test number, book level, points, start date)
Tuesday 9/17/19      Guest Teacher
1) Please demonstrate your best behavior today as there will be a guest teacher in periods E, A, and F.
2) Vocabulary Unit #2 Activity.  Complete all parts (A,B, C, & D).  Due Monday, September 23.
Wednesday 9/18/19
1) Check Vocab Unit #2 note cards 
2) Collections textbook: "Fears and Phobias" article.  Read pgs. 41-46.  Today and tomorrow.
3) Use the note-taking graphic organizer to take notes
Thursday 9/19/19
1) Finish reading "Fears and Phobias" pgs. 41-46.
2) Finish taking notes on the article. Notes due tomorrow
Friday 9/20/19
1) Comprehension questions for "Fears and Phobias".  Complete jigsaw for the questions in class.  Each table will be responsible for a few questions.
2) AR reading.  Don't forget that AR goals are due Oct. 9.