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DLI- Mandarin-1 (Period 0)

Cecil Chee
Foreign Language

Course Description

Spring Semester:
1) Strokes Quiz on YOUR name - standard format
2) For each semester, keep the best 3 quizzes
Fall Semester:
1) Radical Tables
2) Grammar Notes
3) MAF Story-ComicStrip
4) 3 Character Rhyme
5) Questions - 2 sentences Answer
6) Strokes - Brown Paper
7) Family Rhyme
8) Song Lyrics with Translations
    Plus Lyrics Quiz
9) Pink Paper - Mid Term Verbal Questions
10) 2 sets of flash cars
11) All XC Projects - MAF visitations & Poem

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1)玉鏡    ?            1)湖      2)台      3)閣       4)亭
2)三友   ?             1)湖      2)台      3)閣       4)亭
3)流水可為琴曲聼,好山須作畫圖     ?              1)觀     2)賞     3)看     4)讀
4) 流水可清心,    ?                   A) 芳山宜靜觀        B) 香淡遠清益
5) 哪個對: A)帶玉橋      B)橋帶玉       從)玉帶橋
(look for answers in the attachments)
6)這個部首怎麽念 “ ” (給拼音)?      Or ask for the translation
7)床前明月光,疑是地上     ?          A)雙      B)霜       C) 孀
8)那些年错过的大雨, 那些年错过的    ?   
Earlier Examples:

1) “”   的部首是什麽?

 2”   第三筆畫是那一畫?

 3”   一共有幾畫?

 4)用  “部首寫一個字

 5) 莫名其    ?     


Thurs,   Feb 27, 2020
As both classes are not on the same pace, I am postponing the due date for
the current writing HW to next Monday, March 2, 2020, instead of tomorrow (Friday)
Details of the HW will be posted tomorrow.