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Earth Science / 6th Grade

Tom Woodward

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6th Grade Earth Science Agenda and Homework - Friday, September 20th.
1. Due Tuesday - complete your Hand Map Activity that we began in class today.  Follow all 7 steps on the front side for an A grade. If you would like an A+ grade then WOW me with your work.  Thank you for following directions this year.
2. Our Science Journal now has pages 1 to 9 inside your folder or binder. Thank you for staying organized this year and keeping your pages numbered and in order !!
3. Extra Credit #5 ends on September 25th and Extra Credit #4 ends on October 11th.  Both of these are optional.
4. Our reading this week is pages 56 to 62 on Mapping Earth's Surface. Please have these pages read by Monday night. Thank you !!
*** Have a great weekend !!  See you on Monday. ***