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Algebra 1 (7th & 8th) (Period A & F)

Course Description

Algebra 1 is the start of what most people see as the college preparation classes for mathematics. We will be using the Big Ideas textbook and online supplements. Most of the homework will be offered in an online format and I would like to encourage students to use the online option, but it will not be required. If there is a specific assignment that seems to difficult or lengthy, please make a note on the students homework and sign were you had them stop and we will discuss options in class the next day.  

Our job is to connect the State Standards for Mathematical Practice to the Mathematical Content. Higher mathematics (Alg.1 and above) are organized into conceptual categories: Number and Quantity. Algebra,   Functions, Modeling, Geometry and Statistics & Probability. The curriculum will be similar to that in high school, so good organization, effort and consistency will be key ingredients to success in this class.

After passing this course, students will be ready to take High School Geometry.

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