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Monday 10/21/19
1) Check Vocab Unit #3 note cards
2) Collect "Eleven" Questions
3) Finish annotating Ai's Notebook Sample (done in class together)
4) Check off items in Composition Book.  (Items assigned last week: Small Moments, Flashdraft #1, Life Map, and First/Last/Realized Chart).  I will be checking today and tomorrow.
5) Homework: Annotate "Eleven".  Due tomorrow. Time was given in class to start this activity.  Students read this story last Wednesday.
Look for the following things:

Annotate the text looking for evidence of the following items.  Two examples of each is plenty. For instance, there is no need to identify every example of dialogue.

Annotate for:

  • 1st person narrator
  • Dialogue/Inner thinking
  • Descriptive language
  • Revealing action
  • Shift in tone
  • Similes and metaphors


**This is a tentative plan for the week in Language Arts. Please refer to your student's agenda for the most updated information**
Summary of "Fears and Phobias" Due Tuesday 10/1
Vocab Unit #2 Test-- Wednesday 10/2
AR Goals due Wednesday 10/9
Monday 9/30/19
1) Collect Close Reader pgs. 9-16 from Friday 9/27/19
2) Review for Vocab Unit #2 Test on Wednesday
3) Finish up Summary of "Fears and Phobias" article. This is due tomorrow.
4) Vocab Unit #2 Puzzle.  Due Wed. 10/2
Tuesday 10/1/19
1) Summary due today.  Turn in through Google Classroom
2) Read poem: "LIfe Doesn't Frighten Me."
3) Graphic Organizer for "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" due Fri 10/4.
4) Grammar: Nouns pgs. 7 & 8. Due Thursday
Wednesday 10/2/19
1) Vocab Unit #2 Test
2) Collect Vocab Unit #2 Puzzle
3) Work on Grammar pgs. 7 & 8 and/or Graphic Organizers for "Life Doesn't Frighten Me."
Thursday 10/3/19
1) "LIfe Doesn't Frighten Me" Questions
2) Correct and collect Nouns pgs. 7 & 8
3) Pronouns pgs.______ due tomorrow
4) Graphic Organizer due tomorrow
Friday 10/4/19
1) Collect Graphic Organizer
2) Correct and collect Pronouns


Scholastic Book Club Orders due online September 26
Monday 9/16/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #2 words introduced today.
2) Vocabulary note cards. Due on Wednesday 9/18.  Write the word on one side of the note card and write the entire definition on the other side of the card.  
3) AR book and reading log check.  I am checking to see if you have an AR book with you.  Make sure that your AR book information is written in your reading log (title, test number, book level, points, start date)
Tuesday 9/17/19      Guest Teacher
1) Please demonstrate your best behavior today as there will be a guest teacher in periods E, A, and F.
2) Vocabulary Unit #2 Activity.  Complete all parts (A,B, C, & D).  Due Monday, September 23.
Wednesday 9/18/19
1) Check Vocab Unit #2 note cards 
2) Collections textbook: "Fears and Phobias" article.  Read pgs. 41-46.  Today-Monday.
3) Use the note-taking graphic organizer to take notes
Thursday 9/19/19
1) Finish reading "Fears and Phobias" pgs. 41-46.
2) Finish taking notes on the article. Notes due Monday
Friday 9/20/19
1) Comprehension questions for "Fears and Phobias."  Complete jigsaw for the questions in class.  Each table will be responsible for a few questions.
2) AR reading.  Don't forget that AR goals are due Oct. 9.


Vocabulary Unit #1 Test-- Tuesday, September 10, 2019
"The Ravine" 10 question (multiple choice) quick quiz-- Friday, September 13, 2019
Grammar Review Unit #1 quiz (10 multiple choice questions)-- Friday, September 13, 2019
Monday 9/9/19
1) Collect "The Ravine" literature questions #1-3.
2) Grammar: Types of Sentences Handout.  Due Wednesday
3) Kahoot! Review for Vocabulary Unit #1 Test TOMORROW
4) Vocabulary Unit #1 Puzzle due tomorrow
5) STUDY for Vocabulary Unit #1 Test
Tuesday 9/10/19
1) Collect Vocabulary Unit #1 Puzzle
2) Vocabulary Unit #1 Test TODAY

Wednesday 9/11/19
1) Correct and collect Grammar: Types of Sentences Handout
2) "The Ravine" Elements of Plot Handout.  Due Friday 9/13/19.  We will have time to work on this in class tomorrow.
3) "The Ravine" Review. Be able to answer the following questions.  You will not be turning this in.
  • Who are the characters in the story?
  • Is it a first or third person narrator?
  • What is the setting of the story?  Why is the setting specifically important to this story?
  • What do these words mean? Conflict, internal conflict, external conflict, characterization (appearance, actions, thoughts, speech), inference, and evidence
  • How does Vinny feel about going to the ravine?
  • What do Vinny’s parents tell him about going to the ravine?
  • What is the legend of the stone goddess? Which character believes this legend?
  • How does Vinny experience peer pressure in this story?
  • How does Vinny change by the end of the story?
Thursday 9/12/19
1) Finish "The Ravine" Elements of Plot Handout.  Due tomorrow.
2) STUDY for "The Ravine" quick quiz.  See questions from yesterday's post.  (Also passed out in class)
3) STUDY for Grammar Unit #1 Review Quiz.  Can you identify the following in a sentence: simple subject, complete subject, compound subject, simple predicate, complete predicate, and compound predicate?  Can you identify the different types of sentences: declarative, imperative, exclamatory, and interrogative?
Friday 9/13/
1) Collect "The Ravine" Elements of Plot Handout.
2) "The Ravine" quick quiz. Use Illuminate on the computer.
3) Grammar Unit #1 Review Quiz. Use illuminate on the computer.


Vocabulary Unit #1 Test Tuesday, Sept. 10 (next week)
Literature Quiz Friday, Sept. 13
Monday 9/2/19    Labor Day Holiday-- No School
Tuesday 9/3/19
1) Grammar: Verb Phrases and Subject/Predicate Review pgs. 7 & 8.  Due Thursday.
2) Close Reader: "The Jumping Tree" pgs 3-8.  Complete questions 4-6.  Use the C.E.E. Method on questions #6. (Claim, Evidence, Explanation).  Close Reader #1-6 due TOMORROW.
Wednesday 9/4/19
1) Collect Close Readers
2) Read "The Ravine" in the Collections textbook. pgs. 3-12.  We will work on this today and tomorrow.  We will read the entire story together in class.
Thursday 9/5/19
1) Correct and collect Grammar pgs. 7 & 8 
2) Finish reading "The Ravine." 
3) Vocab Unit #1 Puzzle.  Due Tuesday
Friday 9/6/19
1) Complete Literature Questions pg. 14  #1-3. Due MONDAY.  Use the C.E.E. Method to answer the questions


Monday 8/26/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #1 Activity.  Complete parts C & B.  Part C uses the vocabulary words in context sentences.  Students have to circle the correct word for each sentence.  There are only two choices per sentences, so that is why we do part C before part A.  Part A uses the words in context sentences, but the students have to choose from all 20 words. Part A will be introduced tomorrow. Part B uses the vocabulary words with their synonyms and antonyms.  The entire activity is due on Friday (Parts A, B, C, & D).
2) A.R. book and reading log check.  Students are expected to have their A.R. books with them each day and to log in their book information to the reading log.  We went over how to do this on Friday.  This is be graded as a homework assignment.
Tuesday 8/27/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #1 Activity.  Complete parts A & D.  Part A uses the vocabulary words with context sentences.  This is usually the most challenging part of the activity.  Part D has the students read a passage and then answer a few multiple choice questions on the usage of the words in the passage.  The Vocabulary Unit #1 Test will have many questions from this activity!  Vocabulary Unit #1 Activity is due Friday (Parts A, B, C, & D).
2) Grammar Reteach.  As you know, the homework for subjects and predicates was very challenging.  The reteach is a simpler lesson on subjects and predicates.  This is due tomorrow.
Wednesday 8/28/19
1) Correct and collect Grammar Reteach from yesterday.
2) Pass out and label Close Reader workbooks.  Students will either keep these in their backpacks or leave them on the shelf in my cupboard.  There will be times when the need to take the Close Reader home to complete work.
3) Close Reader.  Read "The Jumping Tree" pgs. 3-8.  We will read this together in class and discuss it.  This first read is designed to help students understand the basics of the story.
Thursday 8/29/19
1) Close Reader: "The Jumping Tree" pgs. 3-8.  Complete activities/questions #1-3.  Do all parts as explained in #1-3.  Due Tuesday.
Friday 8/30/19     MINIMUM DAY
1) Correct and collect Vocabulary Unit #1 Activity.


Monday 8/19/19

1) Finish Benchmark #1

2) Set AR goals

3) Bring blank note cards for tomorrow


Tuesday 8/20/19

1) Class Charter. Create our class charter together in class.

2) Grammar: pgs. 5 & 6 Due Friday 8/23

3) Bring ID card for Thursday.  We will go to the library on Thursday to check out AR books


Wednesday 8/21/19

1) Introduce Vocab Unit #1.  10 words.  Learn how to pronounce the words and learn the definitions.

2) Make note cards for your 10 vocabulary words.  Write the word on one side of the note card and the definition on the other side. Due Friday


Thursday 8/22/19

1) Visit the school library.  Check out AR books in your ZPD range.


Friday 8/23/19

1)Check Vocab Unit #1 note cards.  Play the note card game.

2) Correct Grammar pgs. 5 & 6

3) Set up Reading Log




Welcome to South Pointe Middle School!  It has been quite a busy first week
1) Who Am I? Assignment is due Friday 8/16. Use complete sentences when necessary.
2) STAR Reading Test. We will take this test on Thursday 8/15.  The results of this test will be used to set your AR goals and ZPD.
3) Benchmark #1. We will take this test Friday and Monday. Benchmark results are used to help place students into class and interventions.
Friday 8/16/19
Homework: Bring your pack of blank note cards on Tuesday 8/20.