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**This is a tentative plan for the week in Language Arts. Please refer to your student's agenda for the most updated information**
Vocabulary Unit #2 Test Tuesday 10/8
AR Goals due Wednesday 10/9
Monday 9/30/19
1) Review Vocabulary Unit #2 Parts B & C
2) Finish reading "The Ravine" pgs. 9,10, 11, & 12
Tuesday 10/1/19
1) Finish "The Ravine" and discuss the story. Finish your notes.
2) "The Ravine" Graphic Organizer
Wednesday 10/2/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #2 Activity Parts A & D.  The entire activity Parts A,B,C, & D due on Friday 10/4
2) Work on "The Ravine" questions
Thursday 10/3/19
1) Reading
2) Running Record Reading with Ms. Myers
Friday 10/4/19
1) Correct and collect Vocabulary Unit #2 Activity Parts A,B,C, & D
2) Work on "The Ravine" Questions


Scholastic Book Club Orders due online September 26
Monday 9/16/19
Miss Angela's group:
1) Finish reading "The Jumping Tree"
2) Begin working on the summary graphic organizer
Ms. Myers' group
1) Write a summary of "The Jumping Tree"
Tuesday 9/17/19
1) Review for the test on "The Jumping Tree"  The test will be on Friday, September 20.
2) Vocabulary review handout.  Due tomorrow.
3) Finish writing summary.
Wednesday 9/18/19
1) Vocab Unit #2 Words
2) Make note cards. Due Monday
Thursday 9/19/19
1) Independent reading 
2) Individuals will read with Ms. Myers.  Students who did not get a turn last week will work with me this time.
3) Library
Friday 9/20/19
1) "The Jumping Tree" Test. Use Illuminate on your chrome book.


Vocabulary Unit #1 Test Friday, September 6
Monday 9/2/19         Labor Day Holiday-- No School
Tuesday 9/3/19
1) Vocabulary pg. 13. Due tomorrow
2) Sentences and Fragments Review. Due tomorrow
Wednesday 9/4/19
1) BrainPop-- Subjects and Predicates
2) Grammar--- Subjects pgs. 3 & 4. Due tomorrow
3) Vocabulary pgs. 14 & 15.  Due tomorrow
Thursday 9/5/19
1) Correct Subjects pgs. 3 & 4
2) Study for Vocabulary #1 Test 
3) or AR Reading
Friday 9/6/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #1 Test
2) Collect Vocabulary Unit #1 Packet
3) AR Reading when finished with the test


Monday 8/26/19
1) Grammar: Sentences and Fragments pgs. 1 & 2 (pink paper).  Due tomorrow
2) Log on to and complete the assessment. 
3) Check AR books an reading logs.
Tuesday 8/27/19
1) Vocabulary Unit #1 Worksheet.  Talk about context clues.  Due Friday.
Wednesday 8/28/19
1) Vocabulary pgs. 11 & 12
2) Oral reading check.  Each student will read aloud to Ms. Myers to help assess reading skills. 
Thursday 8/29/19
1) AR Reading
2) Oral reading check.  Each student will read aloud to Ms. Myers to help assess reading skills. 
Friday 8/30/19
1) Library


Monday 8/19/19

1) Finish Benchmark #1

2) Set AR goals

3) Bring blank note cards for tomorrow


Tuesday 8/20/19

1) Class Charter. Create our class charter together in class.

2) Grammar Notes: Sentences and Fragments

3) Bring ID card for Thursday.  We will go to the library on Thursday to check out AR books


Wednesday 8/21/19

1) Introduce Vocab Unit #1.  10 words.  Learn how to pronounce the words and learn the definitions.

2) Make note cards for your 10 vocabulary words.  Write the word on one side of the note card and the definition on the other side. Due Friday


Thursday 8/22/19

1) Visit the school library.  Check out AR books in your ZPD range.


Friday 8/23/19

1) Check Vocab Unit #1 note cards.  Play the note card game.

2) Set up Reading Log

3) Sign up for



Welcome to South Pointe Middle School!  It has been quite a busy first week
1) Who Am I? Assignment is due Friday 8/16. Use complete sentences when necessary.
2) STAR Reading Test. We will take this test on Thursday 8/15.  The results of this test will be used to set your AR goals and ZPD.
3) Benchmark #1. We will take this test Friday and Monday. Benchmark results are used to help place students into class and interventions.
Friday 8/16/19
Homework: Bring your pack of blank note cards on Tuesday 8/20.