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School Policies » Student Uniform Specifications

Student Uniform Specifications

South Pointe Middle School Student Uniform Specifications
South Pointe Middle School has a mandatory uniform policy. The requirements of that uniform policy are as follows:
Pants/Shorts: Male and Female Students
  • Capris: Female Students
  • Color: Black, gray, and khaki
  • Style: Fitted at the waist.
Jean style pants are not acceptable. No draw strings, hip huggers, low rise, or stretch pants.
NOT acceptable: jeans, denim, stretch, spandex, or corduroy.
Note: Pants must fit, be worn at the waist, and must not be more than one size larger than student's measured size. Shorts must be hemmed no shorter than fingertip length. No rolled waistbands. Pants, capris, and shorts must be hemmed and not rolled. No seams are to be cut or hems unraveled. Hem of pant should not be dragging on the ground.
Shirts: Male and Female Students:
  • Color: White, black, burgundy, gray solids and South Pointe blue.
  • Style: Polo shirts, long or short sleeved.
  • No logos except for approved South Pointe organizations.
  • Short sleeved undershirts may be white or the same color as polo shirt, however, long sleeved undershirts must be the same color as uniform shirt. Undershirts must be tucked in.
  • Fabric: Cotton or cotton blend.
Note: All shirts must have collars and sleeves. No cap sleeves on shirts. Collars must be visible. Shirts may not be worn as jackets. Shirts may not be more than one size larger than students measured shirt size.
Skirts: Color: Khaki, black, black and white plaid, or uniform burgundy plaid.
  • Style: Pleated or flat front only.
  • Fabric: Twill, cotton, or wool blends. No denim, corduroy, spandex. No printed fabric.
  • Note: No shorter than fingertip length, no rolled waistbands.
Culottes/Skorts: Color: Khaki, black, and gray
  • Style: Shorts with center split pleats in front and back. Skort with skirt flap in front.
  • Fabric: Twill, cotton, or wool blends. Note: No shorter than finger tip length. No rolled waistbands.
Socks/Tights: Color: Solid white, black, burgundy, khaki, or gray only.
Note: Socks may not be worn higher than mid-calf.
Only one size larger than measured size of student. Hoods cannot be worn unless weather permits (i.e. rain)
South Pointe Middle School Dress Code Guidelines Non-Uniform Days
South Pointe’s dress code for non-uniform days provides students freedom and choice regarding the clothes they wear to school, while seeking to foster and support an academic environment. With this in mind, students are prohibited from any form of dress which might:
1. Affect the safety of that student or others.
2. Disrupt the learning process.
3. Indicate affiliation with or admiration of negative social influences such as gangs, cults, and / or substance abuse.
4. Allow for the concealment of anything that should not be at school.
Prohibited for all students:
1. Clothing with logos or slogans that depict substance abuse, violence, anti-social behaviors, or language inappropriate for school.
2. Open-toed shoes, backless shoes, untied shoe laces.
3. Skirts or shorts that are too tight including ripped out jeans or skirts that are split too high.
4. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs (stomachs), tube tops, or clothing worn in a manner that reveals undergarments.
5. Accessories, including spikes, safety pins or chains, or jewelry that is unsafe in size, shape or placement; emblems, badges, symbols, signs, bandanas, or any other items which may be gang related.
6. Oversized pants or shorts worn below the waist, commonly known as sagging.
7. Shirts and athletic jerseys that extend below students’ fingertips.
8. Belts that hang down the front or have buckles with insignias or initials.
9. Socks pulled up to meet the hemline of shorts.
10. Hairstyles or colorings that are disruptive to the learning process.
11. Flannel or camouflage outerwear.
12. Beanies, bandanas, skull caps, hats other than baseball-style caps. (Note: Baseball caps must be worn in the manner for which they were designed.)
Panther Pride Day Friday is Panther Pride Day.
Show your school spirit by wearing jeans and a school sponsored or uniform shirt. Dress code will be enforced.
South Pointe Middle School Physical Education Dress Code Guidelines 2012.13 I.
I. Shirts and Shorts: P.E. shirts and shorts will be sold during P.E. periods throughout the school year. Cash, check or money order will be accepted and should be made payable to South Pointe Middle School. A $15.00 fee will be charged by the district for all returned checks
  • Blue t-shirt with Panther logo - $11.00 ea.
  • Black mesh shorts with Panther logo - 7” inseam $11.00 ea. 9” inseam $11.00 ea.
  • Royal blue t-shirt and/or black shorts may be purchased elsewhere, however must be solid in color with no second colored trim or stripes.
  • Sports apparel logos, such as the Nike “Swoosh” are acceptable.
  • Student’s first and last name must be printed on the shirt and shorts in the space provided on the school logo.
II. Shoes and Socks: Athletic-style tennis shoes with tied laces must be worn. Absolutely no slip-ons, Velcro-fastened shoes, boots or open-toed shoes are allowed in Physical Education. Any student wearing these types of shoes will not participate in P.E. and will receive an ‘F’ for the day.
* Socks must be worn to help prevent blisters and fungus from developing on the feet and to help shoes last longer.
III. Sweats: Cotton-fleece or polyester windbreaker-type sweats may be worn on cold days. Sweats may be any color. It is a good idea to have the student’s name somewhere on the tops and bottoms in case they are misplaced by the student. * P.E. shirt must be worn under sweatshirt or warm-up jacket. * No knit sweaters or jackets (other than sweats) may be worn.
IV. Hats: Baseball-style caps may be worn in accordance with the school’s dress code. * Bill of cap must be worn forward. * No beanies or bandanas are allowed.
V. Jewelry: Personal items of value should be left in the student’s locker. Large hoop-style earrings are NOT allowed in P.E. * Personal items brought to P.E. are done so at the student’s own risk.