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Ms. Patty Chuang » 6th Grade Social Studies Calendar

6th Grade Social Studies Calendar

Scroll down for DLI/Social Studies 六年級:古代歷史

Mesopotamia Table of Content
1. Map of Mesopotamia
2. Rise of Sumerian City-States
3. 3.1 Assessment Questions
4. How Was Sumer an Advanced Civilization Notes
5. Hammurabi's Court: Your Turn
6. Hammurabi's Code Questions
Mesopotamia Table of Contents
1. Vocabulary Builder Section 1
2. 兩河流域 Map
3. Mesopotamia 單字
4. 3.1 Assessment Questions
5. 蘇美的興起 Fill in the blank handout
6. How was Sumer an advanced civilization Notes
7. Vocabulary Builder 2
8. Vocabulary Builder 3