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Student Supplies and Homework expectations

Suggested Supplies:
Liined and graph paper
Pencil AND pen
Scientific Calculator (NO graphing calculators) do NOT spend more that $15
3 ring binder (may be shared with other subjects

Geometry only: Protractor and Compass

Students should have the DAILY assignments written in their AGENDA:

Homework will be done in pencil
1. Show original question: except word problems: more than one sentence
2. Show WORK: Show your reasons for your answer! What did you put in the
3. Highlight (Circle) your final answer (except graphs and tables)

In the upper left corner of EVERY page
of homework needs to have the students

Additional pages only need:
Name/Date/Per. &
AlgFun-23: continued

Questions should be organized and in columns. with a single space after each

ALSO: leave adequate space to the right of EVERY PROBLEM for corrections (in pen) to
be done in class the next day.

2 points: full credit per assignment
1 point: Late work
(assignments no more than 5 class days late upon return of homework sheet)
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