South Pointe Middle

Math Counts

Next Meeting: Friday, March. 31, 2017  (Last Meeting of the year)
in Mr. Dresser's room D-112 @ 2:25 - 3:20pm 
Don't forget to bring a goodie to share for the meeting
 Congratulations to the 2017 Mathcounts competition team:
2nd place East San Gabriel Valley Region
Nathan Song (1st overall), Emma Fu (7th overall, Semifinalist in Countdown round),
Hannah Li, Brandon Wong 
 Timothy Chen, Laksmana Hamrozalla, Isaac Hui, Edward Kim,  Kaihao Wen, Renee Wen


     Look for Summer packets starting in May

ALWAYS: SHOW YOUR THINKING on all problems     

If you are having any problems with the PDF's, please let me know ASAP (D-112 or e-mail)   

SHOW / Explain your thinking when giving your answer (Don't just put the answer)   

ANSWERS (on 'Answers to Homework' page will be shown on Wednesday night for the homework due Friday: 

 Remember to SHOW your reasoning for credit on the homework (not just answers)